Artist Visit

There was buzz and excitement in the Art Room today as soon as the students heard that a famous artist was going to be our guest speaker from Iraq: Mr Sami Jahola. The students discussed and asked a lot of questions to Mr Sami as they observed in awe at his artworks. Mr Sami shared with us paintings that were saved from his house back in Iraq before it was burned down and others that he did here in Australia. His involvement today is part of a project that the Year 3 and 4 students are going to be working on as part of Refugee Week. Mr Sami is the father-in-law of Mrs Afnan Jahola, our school EAL interpreter. He has been drawing and painting for over 60 years and taught Art in Iraq for over 30 years. In his retirement, he’s constantly creating artworks from the heart. Thank you Mr Sami for sharing your art and wisdom today and to Mrs Afnan for being his interpreter.