School Advisory Council

Christ the Priest & St George Preca Combined School Advisory Council (SAC)

Representing the Primary Schools of the St Catherine of Siena Parish

The purpose of the SAC is;

  • A forum of discussion, representing all stakeholders in the community
  • Advising and supporting the Principals on school matters
  • Serve as an additional link between the schools and the parish
  • Receive information from the principals
  • Represent and promote the Catholic vision and mission of the schools
  • Advisory in nature

The SAC meets four times per school calendar year.

Members of the CtP/SGP SAC for the 2024 and 2025 school year are;

  • Adele Vesty – CtP Principal
  • Michael Ozbun – SGP Principal
  • Fr Richard Rosse – Parish Priest
  • Barry White – CtP Parent Representative and SAC Chair
  • Cameron Rowe – CtP Parent Representative
  • Ann O’Brien – Parish Representative
  • Sommer Azzopardi – SGP Parent Representative
  • Aaron Elkins – SGP Parent Representative