Student Wellbeing

At Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School, we seek to provide an environment which nurtures the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of every child, and encourages the fulfilment of personal potential in all achievements.

We encourage children to contribute in positive and responsible ways to their school and community.

Year 6 2023 Student Leadership Team fulfilling the following roles;

  • Liturgy Leaders
  • Arts Leaders
  • ICT Leaders
  • Inclusion Leaders
  • Siena (Yellow) House Leaders
  • Lisieux (Red) House Leaders
  • MacKillop (Blue) House Leaders
  • Aquinas (Green) House Leaders

At Christ the Priest, We aim to be STARS


Team Workers



Our children are given opportunities to develop skills to:

  • recognize and manage emotions
  • develop care and concern for others
  • establish positive relationships
  • make responsible decisions
  • handle challenging situations effectively.

Our children will be supported in their ongoing development of positive self-awareness and healthy relationships, so that they can become resilient and empowered members of the community who are excited about the future for themselves and others.

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