Prep Teachers

Katrina Sorbello, Laura Lewis & Honey Gomes.​

We are the Prep Team at CtP. We love welcoming all the new students to our wonderful school. We aim to make sure that our new, little prep students have a smooth transition into school life at CtP. We love to encourage learning in our newest students and hope to cultivate a love of learning.

Year One

Cass Kennedy, Daniel Grmusa &Alison Silva

We are the Year One teachers. We enjoy watching our students become more independent learners, where they show amazing growth in their reading, writing, spelling and Maths skills. We love hands on discovery, which gives our students great ideas for their writing.

Year Two

Helen Sorokowski, Fiona Gradidge & Sarah Finnegan

We are the leaders of the Year Two Learning Community at Christ the Priest. We love immersing our students in rich literature and working together to share our ideas and responses orally and in writing. We also enjoy exploring rich assessment tasks in Maths to extend and challenge the thinking of all learners.

Year Three/Four

Domonique, Tonia Mizzi, Clare Butson, Demi Yacoel, Leonie Kane & Patrice Shelton

We are the Year 3/4 Team at CtP. We aim to challenge the Year 3 and 4 students to be risk takers and persist at learning tasks. In Year 3, we prepare students for First Reconciliation and in Year 4, we prepare and students for First Eucharist and enjoy celebrating these milestones with them.

Year Five

Leonie Seisun, Maree Shields & Nicki Hunt

Here at Christ the Priest School we love to see our Year 5 students taking charge and being independent and curious learners. Using technology effectively and efficiently becomes a major focus of our learning. Our students are encouraged to be role models, in readiness to become school leaders in the following year.


Year Six

Jonathan Mashalidis, Lidia Filice & Meg Lister

As the Year 6 team, we have the privilege of teaching students in their final year of primary school. We aim to help our students have a smooth transition to secondary school by encouraging them to be self-motivated learners, dynamic leaders and people filled with the Holy Spirit. We have a range of teaching experience and enjoy building relationships with the students and families in our school community.

Specialist Teachers

Connie Skinner, Michelle Spiteri, Ana Gidari & Audrey Buttigieg-Cardona

As a specialist team we work together to provide learning in the following areas;

  • Music – Michelle Spiteri & Connie Skinner
  • Physical Education – Aron Lombardi
  • Drama – Ana Gidari
  • Visual Arts – Audrey Buttigieg-Cardona
  • Italian – Anne-Marie Aprile

Leadership Team

Connie Skinner, Shelly Stuart, Catherine Quinn-Dundon, Ben Fahey, Adele Vesty, Courtney Chalmers & Michelle Spiteri,

As a leadership team, we value having a visible presence in our school. As often as we can you will find us out in the yard checking in with students or working in classrooms to support learning. We are proud of the community spirit at Christ the Priest and will continue to develop this in the extra-curricular activities and events that we provide.

  • Connie Skinner – Religious Education Leader
  • Shelly Stuart – Learning Diversity Leader / Jrn Literacy Leader
  • Catherine Quinn-Dundon – Deputy Principal and Learning and Teaching
  • Ben Fahey – Deputy Principal & Wellbeing Leader
  • Adele Vesty – Principal
  • Courtney Chalmers – Student Diversity Leader/ Lead Teacher
  • Michelle Spiteri – Digital Technologies Leader

Learning Support Teachers


Barb Davis, Nancy Abbott & Maureen Micallef

As a learning support team we work to provide students with additional support in reading comprehension, language and extension learning.

  • Leveled Literacy Intervention & Enhancement – Barb Davis
  • English as an Additional Language and New Arrivals – Nancy Abbott
  • English as an Additional Language and New Arrivals – Maureen Micallef

Wellbeing Team

Shelly Stuart, Ben Fahey & Cristina Bono

As a wellbeing team we provide support to students and parents for academic, health and social and emotional reasons.

  • Wellbeing Leader – Ben Fahey
  • Student Diversity Leader – Shelly Stuart
  • School Psychologist – Cristina Bono 

Curriculum Leaders

Connie Skinner, Michelle Spiteri, Shelly Stuart, Catherine Quinn-Dundon, Kristen Slarko, Anna Bock & Loretta Weedon

Religious Education Leader – Connie Skinner
STEM Leader – Michelle Spiteri
P-2 Literacy Leader – Shelly Stuart
Director of Learning and Teaching – Catherine Quinn-Dundon
3-6 Literacy Leader – Kristen Slarko
3-6 Mathematics Leader – Anna Bock
P-2 Mathematics Leader – Loretta Weedon


Jessica Kendall, Rolando Victuelles and Ruzielle Vigo

As an administration team we work towards responding to our community needs and providing support to parents in the area of communication, fees, compliance and enquiries. 

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